Grassroots and a ray of sunshine

Grassroots and a ray of sunshineWhen I ask people about their favourite places in Newham I was often pointed towards the new Westfield Centre or the Olympic parks.

“Newham? There’s nothing to see here!” It was apparent that for some of the people that I was talking to on a weekday, Newham was a transitional space, somewhere to pass through rather than stay.

Then I stumbled across Grassroots, after being drawn to a picturesque grass hill with beautiful window boxes and the only ray of sunshine in the vicinity.

Their project “It’s a Newham Thing” is an innovative enterprise. It aims to produce a picture of Newham that doesn’t necessarily involve remnants of the Olympic dream.  Grassroots has contacted people who have a ‘history’ in Newham and are building a social map of the area. Take a look at their website where you can see the map and hear some stories from Newham residents.

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