When the rain finally stops at about 4 o’clock, some of the market traders are beginning to pack up. The garden plants stall has been there since 1946. “The best thing about Newham? The bus out of here at the end of the day!’ A new flower shop has opened in the market 3 weeks ago. Bonnie’s mum owns the business and Bonnie is beginning to learn about the flowers. A few stalls down is the emptiness of the greengrocers. The stall has closed down this week after nearly fifty years of trading.The butcher has a wide range of Polish goods as well as pork pies and cold cuts. There are handmade robes in rich African fabrics.

On the corner of street the call of two Punjabi men at their stall enlivens the afternoon.They are happy to talk and to be recorded.

Click here to hear the call of their trade.

Their main stall is in Queens Market. ‘You’re not going to film us and put us on Youtube’ one laughs.They have the One Pound Fish Man in mind

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