We have our first map of Newham from Sairah – Yasmin Gunaratnam

We have our first map of Newham from SairahWe have our first map of Newham from Sairah! It’s a beautifully crafted map that not only conveys the places that are important to Sairah but also the different times in her life. At Forest Gate she writes ‘Priceless Memories of my later Grandma’. There is the caption ‘Story books, Revision and Time Out’  to mark the Town Hall and library; ‘Prayer + reflection = Peace’ is how Sairah captions her drawing of her local mosque.

At Central Park, we find ourselves some twenty years away at a momentous occasion ‘My first swing on a swing and ride down a slide – Weee!’. Newham College is a place bursting with text ‘No doubt college days were the best: Amazing teachers; Warren, Kate…, Day dreaming in the ‘Link’, Passing notes around the class on (wait for it…) STARBURST wrappers lol’

The map has lifted our spirits. And perfect timing. We are having the briefing for the research team this afternoon.

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